World Cupperage

July 12, 2010

World Cup Finals: Spain vs. Netherlands

I’m not into soccer. It’s a real sport, requiring talent and strategy, but not much happens for the majority of the game. There are very few shots on goal, most of which don’t even come close. I turned on the World Cup Championship after 105 minutes had been played and there was no score. I decided both teams should lose. The Yankee game was in the 2nd inning and they had already scored twice. As I waited for the clock to count up to impending shootout doom (having no idea when that would actually be, since the count up system does not inform of the future of the game, merely the past), a goal was finally scored.

Congrats to Spain, for winning the battle of the less exhausted.

Back to Baseball

June 28, 2010

Now that the USA is out of the World Cup, we can return to our regularly scheduled programming: baseball.

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MLS Considered a League, Some Americans Say

February 5, 2009

It’s not just for Europe and South America anymore. Yes, that’s right… some Americans are now claiming the MLS is somewhat of a league to be mildly respected.

A relative of mine that will not be named hooked up with a MLS player. “He’s like, kind of famous,” she said. Soccer? In the U.S.A? Those guys can’t be counted as celebrities, can they?

We all noticed in the 2007 season when David Beckham showed up. Remember that? Water cooler conversation for a couple of days. Also, a way-too-easy Jeopardy! question that continues to appear on the show.

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