Jesse James is the New Tiger Woods

March 26, 2010

Place your bets! Who will end up busted with more mistresses: Tiger Woods or Jesse James? Tiger leads for now. Charlie Sheen watches and laughs. Jesse James

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March Madness FAQs

March 21, 2010

Let’s take a look at some questions that come up every year for the NCAA Tournament with some March Madness FAQs.

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Antoine Walker: An MC Hammer Financial Disaster Story

March 21, 2010

Antoine Walker blew the $110 million dollars he earned in 13 years of NBA service. It seems impossible, but there are levels of

Antoine Walker: Spender Extraordinaire

stupidity that defy logic.

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Ron Washington Blows

March 18, 2010

For a change of pace, someone in baseball got caught for drugs that are not formally classified as performance enhancing. Texas

"You! Get me some coke!"

Rangers manager Ron Washington apologized yesterday for using cocaine last season, something that did not do anything to help energize the team to an AL West victory.

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Torii Hunter: Leave on the Last “I” for Idiot

March 11, 2010

Angels center fielder Torii Hunter who says he “doesn’t have a racist bone in my body” is trying to spit his foot out of his mouth after a USA TODAY roundtable discussion where he confirmed to the public that he’s an idiot.

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Nets to Normal? New Jersey Getting Better Because They Have To

March 8, 2010

Lucky 7! The New Jersey Nets won their 7th game of the season on Saturday night against the also terrible New York Knicks. With a still worst NBA record of 7-55, the Nets actually have a winning streak going, having victories in their last three road games.

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Taiwanese Totally Pissed at Dodgers

March 4, 2010

Baseball fans in Taipei are pretty pissed at the bench-warmer roster the Los Angeles Dodgers has for the three-game exhibition series taking place next week.

Viva Taiwan!

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